TECO provides full range of industrial and domestic use motor in complete power rating range which complies with different international standard and requirements.

Products that we offer:


Brochure for Motovario B - Series Helical Bevel Gear

Brochure for Motovario D - Series Drivon Inverter Motor

Brochure for Motovario H - Series Helical Gear

Brochure for Motovario M - Series Motor

Brochure for Motovario S - Series Shaft Mounted Gear

Brochure for Motovario VSF - Series Aggresive Environment Worm Gear

Brochure for Motovario VSF - Series Worm Gear

Catalogue AA Product Series

Catalogue AECK

Catalogue AEEB

Catalogue AEEQ & AEJS

Catalogue AEEV

Catalogue AEJH & AFJH

Catalogue AESV & AESU

Catalogue Harzardous Environment Motor (ATEX)

Catalogue Inverter 7200GS

Catalogue Inverter 7200MA

Catalogue Inverter 7300CV

Catalogue Inverter 7300PA

Catalogue Inverter A510

Catalogue Inverter E2(FM50)

Catalogue Inverter E510

Catalogue Inverter EVP&CVP

Catalogue Inverter F510

Catalogue Inverter N2(FM100)

Catalogue L510

Catalogue LV Panel AC

Catalogue PAA-D Air Cooled Package

Catalogue PACU-K Air Cooled Inverter VRF

Catalogue PHW-K Fan Coil Units

Catalogue PHWP-Z-D82 Air Handling Units

Catalogue PNN-K Air Curtain

Catalogue PQA-D Water Cooled Chiller

Catalogue PQA-D Water Cooled Scroll Chiller

Catalogue PQDF-K Water Cooled Inverter Flooded Chiller

Catalogue PQDG-K Water Cooled Centrifugal Chiller

Catalogue PUA-D Air Cooled Chiller Modular

Catalogue PUA-Z-D3 Air Cooled Chiller

Catalogue PUC-Z-D3 Air Cooled Chiller

Catalogue PWA-D Water Cooled Package

Catalogue PWC-D Water Cooled Package

Datasheet RWK305 e 33

General Catalogue for Motovario

General Catalogue for Teco

Instruction Manual (Ex- Proof Motor-English Version)

Instruction Manual (Motor-Chinese Version)

Instruction Manual (Motor-English Version)

Manual Inverter 7200GS

Manual Inverter 7200MA

Manual Inverter 7300CV

Manual Inverter 7300PA

Manual Inverter A510

Manual Inverter CVP

Manual Inverter E2(FM50)

Manual Inverter E510

Manual Inverter EVP

Manual Inverter F510

Manual Inverter N2(FM100)

Manual L510

Service Brochure

Technical Catalogue for Motovario B-Series Helical Bevel Gear 2014

Technical Catalogue for Motovario D-Series Drivon Inverter Motor 2015

Technical Catalogue for Motovario H-Series Helical Gear 2014

Technical Catalogue for Motovario M-Series Motor 2014

Technical Catalogue for Motovario S-Series Shaft Mounted Gear 2014

Technical Catalogue for Motovario VAR-Series Motovariators Gear 2014

Technical Catalogue for Motovario VSF-Series Aggresive Environment Worm Gear 2014

Technical Catalogue for Motovario VSF-Series Worm Gear 2014

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